Subete Wasurete Shimau Kara (2022)

Subete Wasurete Shimau Kara (2022)

Other name: すべて忘れてしまうから Subete Wasureteshimau Kara Because I Forget Everything


Mystery writer "M" has a girlfriend of 5 years named "F". After a trivial tiff on the night of Halloween, "F" goes off the radar for a good 3 weeks. At the suggestions of those around him, "M" starts to search for "F" but gets a shock to find out from those around her that "F" is actually different from what he has always known.Adapted from essay "Subete Wasurete Shimau Kara" (すべて忘れてしまうから) by Cinder (燃え殻).

Country: Japanese

Status: upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama Miniseries Romance

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