Between Us (2022)

Between Us (2022)

Other name: เชือกป่าน Cheuuak bpaan Chueak Pan Hemp Rope


Team is a talented swimmer who just entered university. However, when it comes to swim competitions, he's never able to perform to the best of his abilities. When swim team upperclassman Win comes to know that the problem doesn't lie in Team's abilities or dedication, but rather his trauma and the sleeping difficulties it causes, he offers up his own room for Team to stay in. With the comfort of company, Team's performance starts to improve and feelings start to grow between the two young men. But Team isn't the only one with issues from his past preventing him from moving forward. Win struggles with how to handle receiving love and how to give special treatment to those closest to him. Occurring parallel to the events of "Until We Meet Again," this story focuses on how Win and Team come to know and inspire growth in each other.Adapted from the novel "Hemp Rope" (เชือกป่าน) by lazysheep.

Country: Thailand

Status: upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: BL Childhood Neighbours Romance Trauma

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