The Definition (2022)

The Definition (2022)

Other name: โตใต้โต๊ะ


Toh is a stubborn young man. As the only son of Piti, a former high-ranking government officer, he is a person of status and capital wealth. Together with Singha, the best friend he grew up with, he creates a start-up, raising funds at the Seed Fund level. The amount of money needed from investors is nearly 10 million Baht. His father does not agree with any of it, wanting his son to finish his studies first. Toh is stubborn and continues in order to prove himself and how capable he is. There's no need to finish school. He goes forward with his plan, and reaches a world of "connections" and "bribery". As time passes however, he starts to see traces of his actions, making him reflect back on his memories. This is what his father had always done. In fact, he grew up in the whole "connections and bribery" world. Toh gets confused about what he's doing. Does he want to grow because of his own efforts, or does he want to take the illegitimate road like his father?

Country: Thailand

Status: completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Business Drama

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