Rikon Shiyou Yo (2023)

Rikon Shiyou Yo (2023)

Other name: 離婚しようよ Rikon Shiyouyo Let's Divorce Let’s Divorce


Shoji Taishi is a new third-generation lawmaker who comes from a family of politicians and had a sheltered upbringing. The womanising and not particularly intelligent Taishi and his actress wife, Kurosawa Yui, who got her big break through a drama series, have been married for five years.They act like a happily married couple for the sake of their work and public image, but their marriage has already broken down. Taishi and Yui barely have a conversation except when live streaming on social media and do not even see each other at home. Although they have grown disenchanted in their marriage, they cannot get divorced immediately due to pressure from their families and endorsement deals. The couple have no choice but to unite with the unshakeable goal of breaking up.

Country: Japanese

Status: completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy Miniseries Sitcom Web Series

Rikon Shiyou Yo (2023) trailer:
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